Frequently asked questions

What is DermSmart?

DermSmart is a conversational tool that assesses skin conditions and provides skincare recommendations.
Although designed in collaboration with dermatologists, the DermSmart artificial intelligence tool is not a dermatologist and cannot confirm medical diagnoses.

How to use DermSmart?

It's all about chatting with our artificial intelligence. Simply open a new chat to get started.You can use DermSmart to ask questions about your skin condition, or have your skin assessed by our tool.If you have your skin assessed using images uploaded to our tool, DermSmart will be able to tell you what it sees on your skin and offer you skincare recommendations. Once DermSmart has given its assessment, you can continue to chat with the tool.

Can DermSmart recommend prescription treatments?

DermSmart cannot prescribe treatments. Only a doctor or dermatologist can make prescriptions.

Do I have to provide photos of my condition?

You don't have to provide images to talk to our tool. However, DermSmart relies primarily on photos to offer accurate assessment and recommendations.

Can DermSmart diagnose all skin problems?

DermSmart is an expert in the 38 most common skin conditions. If he's not confident of his answer, he'll let you know and suggest that you consult a dermatologist to determine your skin condition.

What should I do if I think I have skin cancer?

If you think you have skin cancer, you need to see your doctor right away. No online service can adequately diagnose skin cancer.